We are a microbiology research lab, using biochemistry and structural biology to study toxin-antitoxin systems and phage-resistance systems. 


Highly-motivated individuals interested in postdoctoral research are encouraged to contact Tim by email. Please include a letter describing your reasons for applying, past research experience and future research interests, along with a CV containing contact details for three referees.

Multiple fellowship schemes are available that could support post-doctoral positions, including:

EMBO Long-Term Fellowships

Marie Curie Fellowships

Newton International Fellowships

HFSP Fellowships

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships

Graduate Students

Closing date 10th Jan 2022: There is a 4-year CASE PhD studentship available in the Blower lab, examining the biochemistry and structural biology of BrxU, our favourite DNA-modification dependent nuclease involved in phage defence. Details here: The project will be co-supervised by Prof Jay Hinton (University of Liverpool) and Drs Peter Weigele and Rick Morgan at New England Biolabs. If you'd like experience in both an academic and industrial setting - this project is for you! The project is through the BBSRC NLD DTP. Please email Tim with your CV for more info. All applications go direct to the DTP, more info here:

Students interested in pursuing postgraduate degrees, either PhD or MSc, should contact Tim with a letter describing their research interests and experience, and a full CV containing contact details for two referees.

PhD students usually join the lab via the fantastic Doctoral Training schemes:

BBSRC Newcastle-Liverpool-Durham Doctoral Training Partnership

Molecular Sciences for Medicine

Durham University facilitates MSc by Research degrees, where students undertake a full year of lab research having completed their Bachelor's degree. These are arranged on an individual basis, please contact Tim for details.

Undergraduate Students

We do offer projects for 4th Year Natural Scientists but unfortunately no longer run projects for the MBiol course.

Summer studentships are available depending on space restrictions in the lab, please contact Tim with a CV containing contact details for two referees if you are interested.